Beyond Sustainability… Regenerative, Restorative Tourism

While I am committed to promoting sustainability in tourism, I am sure that we can do better.
Sure – I know many destinations are struggling just to ensure that tourism is not a destructive force in their communities.But just not being bad isn’t good enough… I believe we should set the bar higher.
I am happy to say that some thought leaders in other fields are showing the way. I recently attended a presentation that highlighted the work of Bill Reed. Bill is one of the drivers behind the hugely influential LEED program. He has taken the next step – beyond sustainability- and committed himself to work that not only doesn’t harm the environment – but contributes to environmental regeneration. As it says on his website “Ultimately, his objective is to improve the overall quality of the physical, social and spiritual life of our living places”.

Tourism can be part of that future – a future that is not only sustainable – but restorative and regenerative.

One response to “Beyond Sustainability… Regenerative, Restorative Tourism

  1. Thanks for sharing those thoughts, Jonathon. Of course there is a need (and a lot of potential) to not only make tourism sustainable but to actually improve environmental conditions through it. The way I see it is one step at a time. Meaning that those not yet on an environmentally sustainable path first need to master this hurdle. Once there, they can start explore the many green wave opportunities.

    Doing good (or better!) will always be a bonus in an industry based on image, reputation and trust (can’t have a taster of your journey or hotel room before you leave home, after all..).

    Have a look if you like at the collection of articles on sustainable tourism over at the Sustainability Leaders blog ( – would love to hear your views.

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