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Corporate Social Responsibility in China’s Hospitality Industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the key drivers of sustainable tourism. The tourism system involves many actors all working to deliver a customer experience. There is little in the way of “top down, command and control” in tourism. ┬áSo – without the active participation of companies – and the managers that run those companies – it is difficult to imagine the tourism system becoming more sustainable.

In a recent study led by Diana Chan Yu, we examined the drivers of Corporate Social Responsibility in hotels in China. A couple of findings stood out to me:

  • Confucianism and commitments to a Harmonious Society provide a solid foundation for CSR in China.
  • CSR often starts close to home – with stakeholders that are critical to the company’s operation. Many CSR activities involve staff members and the local community.
  • Finally, while many hoteliers don’t necessarily call their activities “CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility” they actively engage in CSR activities – from supporting local environmental initiatives to supporting staff (beyond the letter of the law).

To see the full study – click here.