Growing Up

I remember the conversation vividly. We were driving to University, making small talk and the question came up “when do you know you are an adult?” I was pretty sure I felt adult at the time … not so my friend who pushed the line a few years beyond where we currently sat – somewhere around 23 or so….

As early Gen Xs we were just starting to explore a set of opinions that differentiates us – and the generation of Millennials who followed us – from older generations. That is – that adulthood comes late. Today, many Millennials would answer the question – when am I an adult – with a number around 30. An interesting article in USA Today captures the trend nicely.

There are many reasons why we are moving the strating line of adulthood further down the track. Knowing that it is happening is important.

2 responses to “Growing Up

  1. Sad to admit … from where I sit with my life and that of my late Boomer peers and mates, some of whom you know, the number 50 seems like a good time to start growing up. Maybe.

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