A blueprint for great destination management

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council is currently seeking public input on a set of criteria for destinations aiming for sustainability. The criteria – designed to be the “minimum” set of activities  – will challenge many destinations and hopefully spur them on to greater efforts.

The criteria presented by GSTC create a great – and comprehensive – list of things every destination should be thinking about to ensure that the long-term benefits of tourism are realised. With so many of us so busy on the challenges of the “small stuff” in the  inbox this list is an excellent “reality check” that reminds of us of the “big stuff” that is truly important.

2 responses to “A blueprint for great destination management

  1. Have printed them out and will review them! One of the challenges destinations have is that we do not manage our product. But surely we can be impactful in helping spread this message.

    • So true. In my feedback to the GSTC on the criteria I have raised the point that DMOs – CVBs, STOs, NTOs whatever – often aren’t “responsible” for sustainability. DMOs don’t have authority to enforce these practices but must rather be catalysts and cheerleaders for the process. Sometimes they’ll have “carrots” but rarely do they have “sticks”….

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