Hello world ! This is Travel and Tourism…

Tourism is considered the world’s largest industry. It touches lives – for the better and for the worse – in many ways. With so many people, from New York to the Outback, London to the small islands of the Pacific (and everywhere in between) impacted by tourism, it is critical that we manage it carefully. Too many destinations – communities – have been sacrificed to poorly managed tourism – our industry needs to work smarter to achieve its long-term promise.

….And the desire to travel is hard-wired into the human experience. We travel to learn, to relax, to enrich ourselves. We travel to share time with friends and family, to experience new cultures and create new relationships. Celebrating our ability to travel and considering new ways to travel “smart” are also critical for the sustainability of tourism.

This blog will examine emerging trends in travel and the effective management of tourism. It will explore what the best and brightest members of the tourism industry are doing to bring great experiences to travelers.  It will share newest research in he hospitality and tourism industry.

I hope you will join me on this journey of discovery.


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